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YUGRANEFTEGAS Research Center has been successfully operating in scientific research market since 2002.

Our key activities include:

Geochemical surveys

The range of geochemical activities offered by YUGRANEFTEGAS includes field and laboratory works, processing and interpreting seismic data received through geochemical surveys and provided by customers, modeling of projected deposits and selecting locations for drilling prospecting and exploratory wells. Seismic data are processed using seismic stratigraphic analysis of time sections, focusing on the search of nonstandard and combination hydrocarbon traps. Geochemical studies may be supplemented with geophysical activities — electric prospecting, geomagnetic works, gravimetry and radioactivity exploration. The geochemical survey technology used by YUGRANEFTEGAS is protected with RF Patents #2210793 & #2177631.

Groundwater surveys

The Groundwater Hydrology Department provides services over the whole territory of the Russian Federation. The key factor contributing to the company success is the combination of highly professional staff with the wide use of advance groundwater survey technologies.

Groundwater studies include the following services:

  • Studying water resources to solve water supply issues
  • Justification of acceptable environmental impact standards (Environmental Impact Assessment, MPD, acceptable withdrawal of ground waters when assessing their yield)
  • Creating systems to monitor mineral resources, surface and underground water sources,  and water utilization systems
  • Studying and predicting environmental impact of technologies
  • Information support of environmental management
  • Water projects implementation for mining companies
  • Consulting services and expert reviews

Environmental surveys

The Environmental Research Department provides environmental design and regulation services over the whole territory of the Russian Federation and abroad, including R&D and pilot environmental projects. The Department is staffed with highly qualified professionals and equipped with advanced ecoanalytical machinery. Our staff has extensive experience in developing environmental documents for large industrial enterprises, in particular making inventories of the sources of emission, wastes, developing MPE, EIA and environmental management projects and approving them with government regulatory agencies. Our activities include laboratory tests, office studies, and field works.

Laboratory & Analytical surveys

YUGRANEFTEGAS Testing Laboratory was launched in 2009 and has received technical competency and independence accreditation (Accreditation Certificate ROSS RU.0001.21EL96). The main area of our laboratory activities is instrumental analytical control of the environmental pollution. The total area of our industrial laboratory premises is about 400 square meters. The wide range of accreditation (covering more than 200 chemical substances) allows carrying out qualitative and quantitative environmental studies as well as studies in oil-and-gas geology and hydrogeology.