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Geochemical survey results

Vizhomlyanskoye gas deposit was detected in Predkarpatsky yield with two planned wells (No 1 and No 2) within the limits of the debris cone of coarse-grained material from a paleoriver to the sea basin identified by seismic works.

The gas reserves and the assumed deposit boundaries were calculated and approved.

Geochemical survey did not confirm the presence of an integral deposit.

Further drilling at the deposit detected lens-shaped disposition of collector  materials, fully confirming the geochemical survey data (see next slide).

 - assumed deposit boundaries in deltaic sediments (according to the seismic works interpretation data)

- geochemical anomalies

  - geochemical sampling points

  - productive (commercial gas flows)

 - non-productive (water flows)

Vizhomlyanskoye gas deposit (Predkarpatsky yield).
Comparison of Geochemical Survey Data with Further Drilling Data

Complex geochemical anomalies are mainly assigned to the maximum values of seismic waves transit time between B3 and A reflectors (Jurassic sediments), which is the evidence that oil deposits are associated with fringe zones of rocks-collectors of Jurassic sediments.

South Yamal license block.
Map to compare complex geochemical anomalies with the map of time intervals between B3-A reflectors.

Example of assessment of oil-and-gas capacity of a lithological trap and close agreement of geochemical survey data with drilling data


  - producing oil

- producing water
- “dry”

- tectonic faults


Forecast based on seismic data

- Yu1-1 bed oil deposit outline

- suspected structure-type traps

- expected oil-drainage boundary of Yu1-1 bed

- expected increase in the oil productive area of Yu1-1 bed according to seismic data


Geochemical data

- complex geochemical anomalies


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