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Geochemical surveys

geochemical surveys

Technological framework

YUGRANEFTEGAS Research Center developed and registered oil & gas exploration technology, allowing to reduce the total cost of exploration activities by 20-30%, increase their effectiveness, and considerably lower the probability of non-producing well drilling. This technology may be applied both onshore and offshore. The main components of the technology are geochemical survey and seismic works. …

Field work arrangement

Geochemical (atmogeochemical) survey with free pore gas sampling. • active free pore gas sampling for sorbent, • passive pore gas sampling for sorbent. 2. Geochemical survey with gas sampling adsorbed with natural sorbents (rocks, water, snow). Auger drilling to collect samples of surface sediments (soils) or pore gases in summer

Laboratory studies

Atmogeochemical survey using passive adsorption method with the collection of the samples for sorbent 1.The sensitivity of the method used by YUGRANEFTEGAS Research Center exceeds the sensitivity method more than 3.000-fold. 2.The method used by YUGRANEFTEGAS Research Center is also used to control  the sealing of underground gas storage facilities (UGSF). The device used by …

Geochemical survey results

Vizhomlyanskoye gas deposit was detected in Predkarpatsky yield with two planned wells (No 1 and No 2) within the limits of the debris cone of coarse-grained material from a paleoriver to the sea basin identified by seismic works. The gas reserves and the assumed deposit boundaries were calculated and approved. Geochemical survey did not confirm …